This is a complicated question, here’s why, Swarovski® offers about 100 to 120 different “colors” a year but they are not available in every crystal cut or size. So, if you see a crystal you like on an 8mm piece it may not be available in 12mm!

Usually Swarovski® removes about 10 colors a year but adds 10 as well and changes could occur in the available crystal cut and shape! Meaning that the 12mm crystal you wanted last year is available now but is no longer available in the 8mm.

There are also third-party companies that can add 50+ different coatings to each of the (120) Swarovski® “colors”.

Absolutely! In fact, that is part of the KDS appeal. We feel that you should be able to customize everything. You are the consumer, shouldn’t you be able to get what you want?

Custom pieces do come with an elevated price and are not returnable.

Most of our products have Metal, Charm, and Sizing options on their listings. If there are no options, then any changes are considered custom.

Relax, there is no need to panic. We have very few disappointed customers. Please check out our 3000+ 5 STAR REVIEWS on Etsy and Amazon.

If we have sent you a tracking #, you should be able to track your package at USPS TRACKING

Please do not contact Karnas Design Studio until 7 days AFTER the scheduled delivery date. USPS will not do anything for us until 7-10, mail delivering days after the scheduled delivery date.

As quickly as we can! We have no intentions of keeping your new piece from you, but we are a fast growing company. To keep our prices low we operate fast and lean, keeping orders in line and our customers happy.

2-3 business days is our average.

So, you upgraded shipping – any shipping upgrade increases our priority on the order but does not guarantee the date we will ship it.

If you’re looking for something ASAP it’s best to contact us before you place your order.

Karnas Design Studio is primarily an internet based business. Our pieces are available for purchase at:




If you see our jewelry in other places, please let us know. If you purchased Karnas Design Studio jewelry, and we have no record of it, we will not honor our lifetime warranty.

NO! We sell jewelry because we are proud of our craftsmanship and know we have a superior product that no one can replicate.

We are a team of designers that enjoy flexing our talents so selling parts does not support our cause.

Start shopping with KDS!

KDS does support the ARTS, just not the crafts!

This depends on the way you maintain and care for your pieces and the severity of your allergies. We are using the highest grade and most reliable metal we have been able to locate.

We do recommend your KDS pieces be treated with care, the last thing you put on, and the first thing you take off. Never come in contact with chemicals or cleaning supplies.

A care and maintenance card comes with every order.

All products have a size chart attached to the details.

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