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The KDS Spring 2019 collection is all about having some fun and being happy! We decided this bracelet was full of nothing but SASS with this edgy color. What makes you sassy? A color, a quote, clothing, your sassy “attitude”? Show us some love, share our products, review your purchases and send us some pictures!

All photos sent become the property of Karnas Design Studio and could be altered/used in our advertisements.

Thank you for shopping at Karnas Design Studio! ~Kristi

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Antique Brass, Antique Copper, Antique Silver, Gunmetal, Rhodium Silver, Rose Gold, Shiny Silver, Yellow Gold, Light Bronze (+3-4 wks), Light Shiny Silver (+3-4 wks), Light Yellow Gold (+3-4 wks), Matte Bronze (+3-4 wks), Matte Gunmetal (+3-4 wks), Matte Light Yellow Gold (+3-4 wks), Matte Rhodium Silver (+3-4 wks), Matte Rose gold (+3-4 wks), Matte Shiny Silver (+3-4 wks), Matte Yellow Gold (+3-4 wks)

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