About us

I have always been artistic. I loved to draw and paint as a child but grew out of it and went into the sales and customer service field as one of the top reps doing jewelry on the side.. I met my husband who is the most amazing designer and creative talent I know. He inspired me to finally follow my dream of design. For several years I brushed up my skills, studied, bought books, contacted wholesale shops and manufacturers, and perfected my packaging. It was only when I was completely confident that we had a high quality product, top notch designs, and great manufacturers that the shop was opened. We now go to shows, donate to charities, and make jewelry for family and friends and multiple stores in the U.S. and overseas. My husband. Aaron, does our photography, and he’s great at what he does. He taught me to design with a purpose which is where our shop slogan comes from. He always is quick to ask why I chose certain colors or pieces. We’re confident you will love our products and our packaging. If you ever need anything custom or have questions, please email us! We have top notch customer service and design full time, so we are always here for you. Aaron and I are especially proud of our shop banners. Each banner is either a picture we have taken ourselves or a Karnas original design. You might even find some straight from our back yard! We appreciate you taking the time to know a little more about us. Welcome to Karnas Design Studio!

Kristi’s passions are fashion and design but her specialty is hard work and customer service, just look at her reviews. Kristi has received countless trophies, medals, plaques, letters, and awards for unsurpassed team work. Let her help you!

Aaron has studied art and design all of his life. He has a degree in Landscape Architecture from Temple University’s School of Environmental Design. He provides a broad range of design, technical, and photography skills. His abilities are endless!


What can we say about “Doodles”! This little fellow is the best assistant anyone can ask for. Whether he’s collecting trash, unpacking boxes, or just coloring pictures you can always count on him for a laugh. Oh, and he loves animals and wants more!